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The Thomase Beale Cipher
The filmmakers' design taste is impeccable on its own, but paired with their innovative animation—which transforms flat shapes into eerily lifelike characters whose photo-cutout eyes dart and flicker behind subtle lighting effects in tense "handheld shots"—the film feels like some kind of supernatural masterpiece.
There’s a lot of striking moments in Andrew S. Allen‘s “The Thomas Beale Cipher“. I love the re-purposed textures (herringbone fabric and washed-out wood), the grainy whisps of wrapping light, and the clever mix of rotoscoped footage with abstract design.
It has World War II intrigue. An unsolved puzzle hiding a historic fortune. A Rube Goldberg machine escape. And it's all gorgeously rotoscoped. The Thomas Beale Cipher, a short film by Andrew Allen, is worth your next ten minutes… the rotoscoping gives it a look that's not quite like anything else I've ever seen.
HEARWAX / Josh Schonblum
Combing a rather creative collage of animation styles into a visually stunning, sly, fast paced narrative about code breaking, espionage and treasure hunting, the short is clearly the start of something great.